Song of two thieves

Come, ye, all tribes of this-world
Hearken to wha-t transpi-res
Between yond-'r robbe-rs two
Truly listen - and wi-tness

Cross of the Lo-rd at cen-tre
Like a judge un-corru-pted
And like a ba-lance trus-ted
Conversation - weighed in - truth

Said to the Lord, one ro-bber
Remember me - on tha-t day
When you come in - Thy kingdom
Let me see, Lord, Thy me-rcy

That robber on - left ha-nd side
When he heard th-is, bespa-ke thus
'If this man we-re truly - king
How come He u-p on the Cross'

Thy love do I - prize m-y friend
By the Cross we - are severed
Sinless blood of this s One - has
Granted me li-fe and co-urage

Don't you see tha-t like u-s two
He too is bou-nd by tho-se nails
If He can gi-ve us king-dom
Come out He no-w, we tru-st Him

I shall ent-er Para-dise
Word of the Lo-rd is m-y key
Accuse Him no-t, you a-re wrong
Try not ye to - misgu-de me

Crucified li-ke one o-f us
Tortured much mo-re than we - two
If He is king - may He - be
Saved anon b-y His a-rmy

On earth He ha-ngs on a-tree
His fiery thro-ne in hea-ven
Nature, her Lo-rd, recei-veth
Shudders at cru-cifi-xion

Look at Him,Thou - exto-lleth
See those lashe-s on Hi-s back
Thou glorify-eth Him - but
Who will take you - at Th-y word

From damnation - He se-t free
Adam; by His - crown of thorns
Messiah re - moved a-ll thorns
None but the Lo-rd could do - that

At His word the - Cruci - fied
May take you to - Para - dise
Can He lead you-to E-den
Which you have not eve-r seen

Hell is losing - by thi-s death
Rule over dea-th for e-ver
Thither He go-es to cru-sh hell
By the thunder - of hi-s call

He was perse-cuted mo-st
Sour drink and sta-bbing for Him
He who gets con-demned thi-s long
How can I say is a - king

Lend thine ear no-w to tha-t sound
Of rocks hard breaking apart
Saints of old come - back to - life
Believeth not eve-n now

Elements and cre-atures shu-dder
See those rocks fa-lling a-part
Unmoved are you ? - leave fal-sehood
Confess and ge-t new li-fe, friend!

His glory you - may con-front
If only you seek for tha-t
Creatures all wit-ness fo-r Him
His Passion do-es distu-rb all

King, He was ca-lled, by Pilate
Through His writing - on the -cross
Since they call ou-t as wit-ness
Tell me not th-at He i-s king

Stands His Cross be-tween u-s two
Abyss this you - can no-t pass
Go and get thy - rightful-I place
Right hand side i-s always-s thine

Hell was open - by the Cro-ss
Sun was darken-ed, earth trem-bled
Temple curtain - torn a-part
All bear witne-ss to the - Lord

Earth and dese-rt and crea-tures
Listen! Shouti-ng and cry-ing!
Alarmed by tha-t clamou-r great
Earth is shaking - to the - core

Harken to tha-t shouting - friend
Of those dead co-ming from - hell
Look at Jesus - whom I - trust
He only gives - life fo-r all

That Adam ma-y recei-ve life
He died; the dea-d wait fo-r
Him He gives freedom - for A-dam
And takes me to - Para-dise

How come you sla-nder Je-sus
Who died out o-f His o-wn will
Lock thy mouth from - evil - talk
Glorious Cross m-y so-le refuge

Eden, Thy word - grante-d to
That thief who con-fessed Thee - Lord
Remember us - Lord th-at Day
When you come, we - confe-ss Thee

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