Sachu and Sneha: By HIS Love, they can hear and talk

Sneha and Sachu were not only born with birth disabilities to hear and speak, they also became orphans after they lost their parents. no other options with their poor family members, St.Gregorios Bala Bhavan, Attapady became their home. Trusting the Lord, the caretakers of Attapaddy Orphange took on a big dream to regain the speach and talking abilities of these children by doing a surgery and a cochlear implant at a cost of 12 lakhs. (something nearly impossible for an orphanage in a remote place like Attapaddy) People across the world extended their helping hand and the Lord provided everything for the surgery. On September 4, 2006, the surgery was done successfully. Today, By HIS love, they can hear and talk

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